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Paradise Valley, AZ

The outdoor living space for the 2020 Iconic Haus is a stylish reflection of the architectural spirit of this home…a modern and minimalist space with accents of shapes and subtle color.

The home is designed by local award-winning architect, CP Drewitt, who was inspired by the Mexican architect, Luis Barragon. Barragon used simple lines and planes with right angles, and added drama with light, shadow and bold saturated colors. Nineteen marquis designers were asked to create a unique and functional space within the home and we designed the main outdoor area, immediately seen through the expansive hall windows upon entering the home.

Modern style is an exercise in restraint. It means less visual clutter and more emphasis on key elements…shape, shadow, color, and scale.

The sculptural round swing is a fun spot for relaxation and is a contrasting shape to the straight, clean lines of the fireplace. The large-scale abstract art piece was commissioned by local artist, Niki Woehler, and its colors are moody and beautifully layered. Artful and dramatic pieces like this give personality to a space and this canvas is meant to BE the wall rather than just a piece hung ON a wall. We chose to use the STILL Collection from Brown Jordan, the premier sponsor of this Iconic Estate. It has a retro modern vibe and the elegant flair that we needed for our outdoor living room…a place to enjoy evening cocktails and loungey parties!

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Photography: Original Proofs Photography

Builder: BedBrock Development

Furniture: Brown Jordan

Art: Niki Woehler

Event coordinated by: Iconic Life