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We value client relationships, consistent communication, creative collaboration, the power of positive thinking, and the beauty of simple, elegant design.

Our initial meeting is an opportunity to discuss and define your goals for the project.

First we listen. We need to understand your definition of a successful environment and how you feel the space should work and feel. We want to know what you like and what you want to avoid. We will discuss your budget, timeline and first-glance options for space plans, design details and finishes.

For small scale remodel projects (kitchen or bath remodel, master suite renovation) After determining a budget and timeline, we measure and draw an “as built” floor plan, prepare sketched proposed space plans, and provide elevation and perspective sketches, finish and fixture options and construction coordination. Sometimes this includes helping a client to choose a contractor, and/or evaluating construction bids, and then doing “value engineering” to reduce the overall project cost. Contractors appreciate our thorough specifications and close communication throughout the estimating and construction process. Custom designed interior details and the coordination of custom fabricated furniture and window treatments is often a part of the process.

After the remodel design is complete, we often shift over to furnishing the spaces to complete the style and livability that makes the house into a home (see below) .

With large scale residential remodel projects and custom homes, we often enter the project during the architectural planning process and we will review layouts, design custom details like fireplace facades and built in millwork as needed, select finishes and fixtures with the client, prepare a detailed specification spreadsheet for the builder, and draw detailed floor plans and elevations for each area. We work with the builder and homeowner to value engineer the areas as necessary to meet the intended budget. If we are furnishing the home we create a budget spreadsheet of the areas and the costs, select fabrics/furnishings/lighting/accessories, and then review these items with the homeowner for approval. After estimates for items are approved, we begin the process of ordering and fabricating, tracking the orders, and ultimately coordinating the installation of furnishings for the home so that it is complete and beautifully inviting.

For vacation homes and homes that only need furnishings, we start with the budget, develop an organized spreadsheet of needs and costs, design and coordinate any remodeling that is required, select all furnishings/accessories/art/kitchen and bath needs/bedding/windowcoverings/outdoor items and coordinate the installation of all items. We are experienced at working closely with out of town clients to properly convey design concepts for approval, streamline any remodeling or repairs, and coordinate all aspects of furnishing a home. We take great pleasure in transforming empty or sparsely decorated houses into livable relaxing retreats, and seeing our clients faces when they see and feel the results!

For small scale commercial spaces, we will measure and draw an “as built” plan, then sketch different layouts that optimize efficiency, meet all applicable codes, and convey a unique style. We’ll work together in meetings, and sketch while we’re discussing details of the space. A final space plan and elevations, along with a detailed spreadsheet of specifications and finish samples will be presented for review and approval. Final construction documents are prepared by a licensed architect. We provide construction administration services so that we may help guide contractors with questions regarding details, specs, and field conditions.

Compensation: After an initial meeting where the scope is well defined, we will submit a written proposal for approval. Fees are calculated based on scope, size, and an approximate estimate of design hours that we feel will be necessary to complete the project. Therefore, fees vary by project. Hourly fees are provided in each proposal.

we are a team . . .

Interior architecture is a collaborative process and the final result requires our close coordination with the architect, contractors, vendors, and client, particularly to preserve the design intent while staying within budget and schedule constraints. We think design is a dialectic process . . . an exchange of ideas that requires good communication and flexibility. The Interior Architect is an advocate for the client and a critical link between the client and the contractor. We provide technical drawings and a comprehensive design ‘plan’ from which to estimate and build, and we coordinate with the contractor to make style, material and detail decisions when field conditions require quick solutions. Lighting, sound, air quality, space planning, textural interest, style goals, functional needs, and architectural design elements are taken into account during the process of design. These elements promote harmony and balance in a well-designed interior space.

Clients are consistently pleased with our open communication and ability to find solutions to architectural, interior design and construction challenges. We are creative thinkers and problem solvers and we enjoy what we do. Our most successful projects have been a result of a flexible, creative, and proactive design team made up of the client, the designer, the architect, and the contractor(s).